WhatsApp rolling out Tweaked app sidebar for native MacOS app

WhatsApp Tweaked app sidebar
WhatsApp Tweaked app sidebar

WhatsApp is rolling out a Tweaked app sidebar for the native MacOS apps. According to the reports in this update, the company has introduced icons instead of labels for Desktop users. The redesigned sidebar is reportedly more intuitive and matches the MacOS interface. The new interface also reduces clutter saving you a lot of valuable space for the app’s content.

The report further mentions that the platform is currently rolling out this feature only to some select beta users who installed the latest Whatsapp beta update for MacOS. However, the company will make it available for more users in the coming days. To get more details about this feature go through this article below.

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WhatsApp Tweaked app sidebar for macOS

It is popularly known that the Instant Messenger and chat supports software is regularly working to enhance the User experience on the app. It keeps introducing new useful features to improve its functionality. In this update, the platform has introduced a Tweaked interface for the app sidebar. This new design includes an important change in the app sidebar.

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You will now see a set of icons instead of the previous list of labels for opening specific sections of the app like chats, status, calls, and settings. This will make the app navigation easier and faster. The leading WhatsApp news source WABetaInfo has also released a screenshot of the feature.

In the image, you can see that the tweaked app sidebar is more intuitive than the earlier one. With this feature, you can quickly search and find whatever you are looking for and you don’t have to rely on text labels. As per the report, this new design will match the look of the macOS interface which makes it more compatible with the rest of the system.

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However, it mention earlier the tweaked upside bar for native MacOS is already rolling out to some select beta testers. Not able the new design is the same as implemented on the WhatsApp native Windows app. This means that the company is planning to make the interface of native apps similar. To get this feature update to the latest version of the app. Those who are not able to see the new interface immediately will have to wait for a future update.

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